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“Zhao Yonggao Innovation Achievement Award” Approved By National Ministry Of Science And Technology
“Zhao Yonggao Innovation Achievement Award” Approved By National Ministry Of Science And Technology
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   Zhao Yonggao, domostic famous expert on anti-corrosion technology field, graduated from East China institute of chemical industry in 1954, head of fluorine plastic application technology research institute of Ministry of Chemical Industry, now chairman of wenzhou zhaoflon co. LTD., senior engineer, national expert with outstanding contribution, lifelong enjoy special government allowances of the state council, he longtime engaged in fluorine plastic anti-corrosion technology research, especially in recent 20 years after retirement, on the PTFE forming technology, research and development manufacturing and application of new product, etc., have a significant technological breakthroughs, broke the long-term monopoly of foreign country on this technology field, received 30 patents, invention of the United States and in many European countries. On technical level, surpass the peers of United States, Japan, Europe and other developed countries, and took the leading position in the world. He has won the national technology invention, Eureka world invention gold award, the lifetime achievement award of science and technology in the world, and Belgium's king awards him the medal of "knight"... Various honors, such as his inventions in our country has formed a big industry, created a huge economic benefit and social benefit, for the development of science and technology and economic construction in China, has made an outstanding contribution.

   Though Mr Zhao Yonggao is 86 - year - old, but in order to promote the advance of science and technology of China petroleum and chemical industry, inspire more people devote on the China petroleum and chemical invention and innovation of science and technology field, pass down the unswerving-pursuit spirit of put his lifetime on invention, he decided to personally donated 10 million yuan as a reward fund, set up the "Zhao Yonggao innovation achievement award". At present the award has been approved by the state ministry of science and technology, and unified management and operation by China petroleum and chemical industry science and technology reward fund management committee. "Zhao Yonggao innovation achievement award" is the permanent, review once a year, long-term operation. The prize is the highest prize of science and technology contribution in China petroleum and chemical industry, In national petroleum and chemical industries field, individuals has made outstanding contributions in the innovation of science and technology, can apply the award. China petroleum and chemical industry federation put forward specific requirements for "Zhao Yonggao innovation achievement award" and other awards application on annual report of regarding the 2013 the China petroleum and chemical industry science and technology prize notice (sinopec group award is sent [2013] 2013) issued on March 12, 2013.

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